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Don't sell your crypto, use it as collateral and get an instant crypto credit with a FIAT currency from Tradesilvania. We are the first company in Romania to offer money through a crypto and digital asset collateral.

Better than trading: fast access to money, more flexibility

Use the value of crypto wothout selling it

You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple as collateral

Fixed interest
Instant withdrawal
Approved instantly
Simple process

How does it work?

To obtain a 1000 EURO loan with a loan-value ratio of 85% (the Grow fast plan), you will need to deposit as collateral approximately 0.2 BTC .

You can return the loan anytime during the contract established period. After the payment of the loan, the collateral returns to your wallet.

You can choose not to return the loan, in which case the entire borrowed amount is yours.

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For more information see section Frequently Asked Questions

How can i access a crypto loan

1 Transfer digital currencies into your Tradesilvania digital wallet
2 Get a crypto credit fast
3 The money is instantly deposited into your account
3 Pay the credit back in CRYPTO or FIAT
3 The collateral will be returned to you. Keep trading!

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