Starting with the year 2022, the Board of Tradesilvania has decided to proactive involvement of the platform in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Europe. By setting up Tradesilvania Ventures , the platform proposes, both in Cluj-Napoca and in Bucharest, the mission to develop projects and companies involved in creating products and technologies blockchain and crypto , in the early stage of the product (Pre-Seed and Seed).

Objective Tradesilvania Ventures

The fundamental direction that guides the existence of Tradesilvania Ventures is to encourage and develop the cryptocurrency ecosystem, blockchain technologies, WEB3 and DEFI solutions in Romania and the EEA space. Tradesilvania Ventures wants to invest in innovative applications that want to make a significant impact on the blockchain or the new Web3.

One element that gives us a special insight into pre-seed and seed investments, which we want to support, is that we do not specifically pursue a specific outcome of a project, but how the implementation of solutions and the estimated effect on the blockchain ecosystem , WEB3, DEFI or crypto.

Through Tradesilvania Ventures, we want to encourage unique solutions that can develop the digital, fintech, and blockchain worlds and benefit everyone - including Tradesilvania. The classic commercial advantages of these investments are excellent but we see them as a secondary advantage of what we want.

What we offer

The Tradesilvania team offers, in addition to financial support, the infrastructure of an internal operating framework: legal support, legal compliance and procedures support, commercial and sales experience, digital marketing solutions and a special degree of adaptability in the implementation of fintech projects.

  • Investment type: Pre-Seed/Seed
  • Company locations: SEE/World

What are we looking for

We are looking for partners and companies in fields such as:


We are open for your ideas, presentations and proposals at [email protected] . Tradesilvania invests in fintech and blockchain companies, which will redefine the way the world interacts with the financial world.

We are waiting for project presentations at [email protected]. Our dedicated team will analyze the projects and will return with feedback shortly.