Buy BTC at a 10% discount with Tradesilvania Spotlight FlashSale

Buy BTC at a 10% discount with Tradesilvania Spotlight FlashSale

Discover an exciting new opportunity in the world of cryptocurrencies with Tradesilvania Spotlight. Starting today, you can buy BTC at a 10% discount during the first-ever Spotlight FlashSale campaign.

In the BTC FlashSale campaign, you can choose from three ticket options, each offering special prices for different amounts of Bitcoin. You can use USDT from your Tradesilvania wallet to make these purchases.

100 USDT Ticket, aprox. 0.004 BTC: Get this ticket to buy 0.004 BTC at a special price.

500 USDT Ticket,  aprox. 0.02 BTC: If you're looking to invest a bit more, this ticket lets you buy 0.02 BTC at a great price.

1000 USDT Ticket, aprox 0.04 BTC: For those with a bigger perspective, this ticket offers aprox. 0.04 BTC at a special price. Explore Bitcoin's growth potential and invest in the future.

Participating in the FlashSale means your transaction will be processed if your ticket wins, or you'll get a refund for the ticket value if it doesn't.

Taking part in the FlashSale is absolutely free for Tradesilvania users.

How does FlashSale BTC work?

Participating in the FlashSale BTC campaign is easy and quick. Here's how:

  1. Sign Up: Register for the FlashSale within the specified timeframe displayed in the Tradesilvania app under the Spotlight section.
  2. Purchase a Ticket: Log in to the Tradesilvania platform, go to the Spotlight section, and choose the desired ticket from the FlashSale BTC campaign. Make sure you have enough USDT funds in your Tradesilvania wallet to cover the chosen ticket's value.
  3. Confirm Your Participation: Confirm your participation in the FlashSale BTC campaign, and you're now in the race to win Bitcoin at special prices.
  4. Win or Get Refunded: After the campaign ends, a random draw will determine the winners. For the winners, the purchase transaction as per the ticket will be processed. Non-winning tickets will be fully refunded in USDT to your wallet.

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A special place in the world of cryptocurrencies, Tradesilvania Spotlight is here to offer you an innovative and captivating experience. From FlashSales to Airdrops and Launchpads, we take care to bring unique opportunities and quality services to our active community, which you can explore here.

So, get your wallet ready and be prepared to be a part of the FlashSale BTC in Tradesilvania Spotlight. Explore the crypto world with confidence and take advantage of the benefits of this exclusive offer!"