Tradesilvania - The One-Stop-Shop for OTC Crypto Trading with post trade settlement

Tradesilvania - The One-Stop-Shop for OTC Crypto Trading with post trade settlement

We have launched the new crypto OTC Desk, a unique trading service that provides access to over 2000 cryptocurrencies based on guaranteed trading volume and preferential quotes (crypto pairs). Tradesilvania OTC is a simplified, secure, and efficient solution for trading without liquidity limits, with record transaction time.

For the first time in Romania, crypto market participants can trade at their preferred time based on their allocated preferential exposure, with post trade settlement and zero fees.

The new service is available to individuals, companies, and institutions with 0% (zero) commission for all recurring transactions or single transactions equal to or greater than 30,000 EUR or the equivalent.

With Tradesilvania OTC, you can access the price for the desired asset and VOLUME, with the possibility of subsequent compensation for the transactions made.

The major advantage of our OTC service compared to SPOT trading is that for a large volumes, the displayed price is valid for the entire quantity regardless of the order volume. In an OTC transaction, the displayed price is the final price for the entire requested token quantity.

Our OTC users can also trade whenever comfortable, based on a preferential exposure allocated to them. In these cases, the account top-up and settlement can be carried out later.

The new trading service complements the CRYPTO SPOT service available to all users (64 cryptocurrencies/144 pairs) and the rest of the benefits on the platform: free digital wallet, ON and OFF Ramp services, free bank transfer top-up , etc.

Tradesilvania OTC is activated at the request of customers and offers the following benefits:

  • Access to 2000+ cryptocurrencies,
  • Instant trading at the current price and subsequent compensation,
  • Trading with post trade settlement,
  • Automatically obtained preferential quotes in real time,
  • Crypto trading with 0% (zero) commission for all OTC transactions,
  • Crypto trading directly in EUR, USD, and RON.

Tradesilvania OTC users have access to all the security features implemented on the platform: 2FA (2-step authentication), MPC (Multi-Party Computation) storage, and cryptocurrency insurance on the platform for a value of 30,000,000 EUR.

The launch of the new Tradesilvania OTC product represents a new stage in the platform's development and an important step for the ecosystem of modern and personalized crypto financial services.

Tradesilvania ensures direct contact with the specialized team during each transaction for support . Thus, traders have access to all transactional information in real time.

You can contact us about our OTC service at [email protected].