• Romanians have a secure legal framework to access the digital asset market
  • The partnership aims to attract significant amounts from the European Economic Area
  • 8 out of 10 Romanians intend to invest in digital assets in the near future
  • Client funds are kept in the national banking system

Bucharest, April 8th, 2022: Tradesilvania.com, the premium platform for investing in digital assets, is consolidating its position on the market through a new strategic partnership with TechVentures Bank, through which Romanians will be able to safely access digital assets. Thus, this partnership keeps customers' funds in the national banking system and gives them faster access to their own funds withdrawn from the platform.

The Tradesilvania - TechVentures Bank partnership aims to facilitate Romanians' access to the digital asset market in a secure environment, in full legislative compliance and with the application of best international KYC practices. This approach comes after a study conducted by IPSOS this year at the request of tradesilvania.com showed that 4 out of 10 people who have heard of cryptocurrencies own or have owned cryptocurrencies so far, and 8 out of 10 Romanians have stated that they intend to invest in digital assets in the near future.

"Through this partnership we bring together experts from the private and institutional field to democratize Romanians' access to the digital assets market. We want to remain among the top profile companies in this industry, and we have thus created the ideal framework that allows us to keep the annual turnovers of over 200 million euros in 2021 in the local financial system and even to attract important amounts from the European Economic Area into our country.” - Ciprian Dobrescu, CEO Tradesilvania.

"We are honored by the partnership with Tradesilvania and by the fact that we are part of the mission to facilitate Romanians' access to the digital assets market. We are working with companies in the cryptocurrency, Blockchain, NFT fields. We know that this is a new road and we appreciate that there are areas where we can make our mark regarding how they will be implemented in the future. We support business innovation through solutions tailored to the profile of the companies that choose to become our long-term partners”. Cristian Alexandru Nae, Deputy General Manager at TechVentures Bank.

About TechVentures Bank

TechVentures Bank S.A. is a universal Romanian bank established in 2009, which has been operating under this name since December 2020, following a rebranding process. The bank offers a full range of financial products and services calibrated to the profile of different customer segments. The bank currently has a network of 13 territorial units and is in continuous development, with an increase in assets of over 40% in 2021.

About Tradesilvania.com
The premium investment platform tradesilvania.com has been present in Romania for over 4 years, in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, and offers 24/7 access to 51 cryptocurrencies and 117 automatic trading units in the mobile and web app, OTC services (over the counter), asset management, custody and blockchain financial infrastructure services for individuals, companies and institutions. The platform has included the Savings service, which allows customers to earn an annual gain of up to 13% for coins stored on the Tradesilvania platform.