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Which network should I choose if I want to receive or transfer digital currencies?

The Tradesilvania app supports the most widely used networks for each digital asset for receiving or transferring digital currencies.

Digital currency receiving network

When you want to receive a currency in the Tradesilvania wallet, the available network for receiving will be displayed when you view the receiving address. See the article for details on receiving from an external wallet to the Tradesilvania wallet: https://tradesilvania.com/en/frequent-questions/en-digital-wallet/how-to-transfer-from-an-external-wallet-to-the-tradesilvania-wallet

Digital currency transfer network

When you want to transfer a currency from the Tradesilvania wallet, the available network for the transfer will be displayed. See the article for details on transferring currencies to an external wallet: https://tradesilvania.com/en/frequent-questions/en-digital-wallet/how-do-i-transfer-coins-to-an-external-wallet

If you have sent the currency to the wrong network, the transferred value will be lost and cannot be recovered. At the request of the customer, the investigation is possible with associated costs, in accordance with the list of fees and commissions.

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