Terms and conditions

Please read this document carefully. By using our services or by registering on the website, you agree with the Terrms and conditions issued below

Tradesilvania is a group of companies consisting of:

  • Tradesilvania SRL - a private limited company incorporated in Romania with company number 39400924 and whose registered office is Cluj-Napoca, str. Buna-Ziua, nr. 9E, ap. 5, Romania;
  • Tradesilvania OÜ - a private limited company incorporated in Estonia with company number 14770670 and whose registered office is Peterburi tee 47, Tallinn Harju maakond 11415, Estonia; and

This is a contract between you and each of Tradesilvania OÜ and Tradesilvania SRL.

References in this Agreement to "Tradesilvania", "we", "our" or "us", are to Tradesilvania SRL and/or Tradesilvania OÜ depending on the services being discussed, and references to "you" or "your" are to the person with whom Tradesilvania enters into this Agreement.

The following services are provided by Tradesilvania SRL: buy or sell virtual assets and digital assets, funding of accounts, enter into arrangements to store virtual assets and digital assets, transfer virtual assets and digital assets, funding the accounts with bank card with a provider of card merchant services from EU area;

Tradesilvania OÜ has licences for the supply of virtual currency exchange services with FIAT currencies (FVR001146) and the supply of digital currency wallet services (FRK001033) issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit Estonia.

Using of the Website constitutes an acceptance and confirmation of your consent to be bound by these Terms, all applicable laws and regulations, and you agree that you are responsible for compliance with and that you are compliant with the applicable laws.We provide you with the simple and convenient way to change the cryptocurrency through the Website.

Please, note that you can change only the cryptocurrency through the Website.

By signing the agreement which we receive when you register on the website, you testify that:

  • You are a resident of the European Union
  • You agree with the Terms of use
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have full capacity of accepting these terms of use in order to perform digital coins transactions
  • You agree to transfer funds only in and from accounts on your name and in your name only

These Terms of Use ( "Terms" meaning "Privacy policy", "Usage policy" and "Cookies policy") describe the means of using Tradesilvania's services and what are our rights and duties towards you as a member.

There are cases in which you will not be allowed to use our services because of the legal framework in your country. We do not take responsibility if, due to other reasons, you are not allowed to access the app.

If an error occurs in the app while a buy, sell or withdrawal operation is effectuated with digital or fiat money and the value sent by Tradesilvania is higher thanit should be, you are obliged to refund the extra value back.

By initiating a transaction you agree to meet the following terms:

  • The digital coins that you sell do not come from illicit or illegal activities
  • Digital coins selling is not considered a money laundering activity
  • The fiat money (RON, EURO), used to buy digital coins does not come from illicit or illegal activities
  • You are the owner of the account to which you demanded the bank transfer to be effectuated
If one of the above-mentioned points is proven to be unfulfiled, you agree to withstand the prejudice and other possible legal consequences

Personal data processing

Tradesilvania SRL is registered as personal data operator at the public register of ANSPDCP. The processing of customers' personal data is performed according to the law in force and is stipulated in Data Policy page


Please make sure that you fully understand the possible risks so that you will not invest money that you can't afford to lose. Digital coins' market is extremely volatile and prone to quick price change. Actions performed with these coins are likely to be considered irrational, seen as a speculative bubble which can lose its credibility once it pops. Therefore, some modifications can occure if we consider so, along with government respressions. Furthermore, additional risks might appear, unmentioned in terms and conditions of use.

Account deactivation

Tradesilvania reserves the right to cease the provision of services to any user, in the case that he/she has violated one of the aforementioned conditions. In exceptional cases, the Administrator reserves the right to cease the provision of services at any given time.

Customer's performance of tax liability

It is the customer's responsibility to determine what tax regime is appliedto digital coins transactions and to pay all the taxes required by authorities


Tradesilvania does not apply any additional commission related to the shown prices. There is no additional commision when you convert the digital coins.


You are allowed to have only one account on Tradesilvania exchange platform. From time to time, we can require you to provide additional information, as a condition for being allowed to access our services. If you convert fiat to digital coins or digital coins to fiat, Tradesilvania might require what is considered compulsory to validate your identity. Besides the normaly-required information for registration, we can require additional information, such as: personal photos, a bank statement or proof of digital coins origin.

Password protection and information storage

You are responsible for maintaining the security and the control of all IDs, passwords, authentification keys or other codes that you will utilise to access our services. Any loss of the above-mentioned information might lead to the restriction of your account.

The right to suspend or delay a transaction or a refund

We can refuse any transaction processing or refund without prior notification and we can limit or suspend your use of services provided by us at any moment. Transactions might be postponed if we consider that a transaction is suspect or that it can lead to fraudulous actions, law violation or terms and conditions violations. In case of high market volatility, unexpected economic circumstances or major force, transactions and refunds migh be delayed.Tradesilvania does not take responsibility of delays caused by interbank transfer refunds.


Tradesilvania is allowed to limit the amount of coins you can buy or sell. We assume the right (?) to modify the quantity of digital coins that you can buy or sell.

Fiat deposit

Fiat deposits can be made either by a bank transfer or by credit card payment. The waiting period for processing a bank transfer deposit can last up to 48 hours.The amount that is charged through a credit card is instantly deposited in the application wallet.

Fiat deposits by both methods must be made with a bank account and a card owned by the registered user.

The funds will be added to the user account with details of transaction ID and the user can use the funds loaded in his account.


  • Sepa (Bank transfer payment): 0%
  • VISA/Mastercard (credit card payment): 5%

Fiat withdrawal

Tradesilvania can block a transaction if something is considered to be suspect or the information is fraudulous. We are not responsible for late bank transfers. A fiat withdrawal might take up to 48 hours or more, depending on the banks' calendar or other reasons. Fiat withdrawals are performed only in bank accounts owned by a registered user.


  • To a bank in Romania: 5 RON
  • To another bank in the EU (SEPA): 2 EURO

Digital coin deposit

Trade confirmation on blockchain might range according to the congestion of the network. Tradesilvania does not take responsibility if the customer sends digital coins to a wrong address.

Digital coin withdrawal

Trade confirmation on blockchain might range according to the congestion of the network. Tradesilvania does not take responsibility if the customer sends digital coins to a wrong address.

Cryptocurrency withdrawals are usually processed in less than 30 minutes. There is a waiting period in which the system decides which address to send the coins from. Withdrawals are automatically executed by the system, although sometimes manual approval is required. This manual approval is done at certain transactions or randomly if they reach a certain limit.

Fiat refund policy

Any fiat payment, either by bank transfer or by using a credit card online, which agrees with our terms and conditions, is eligible for a refund. To request a refund you have to access "My wallet" and to proceed a fiat withdrawal

More informations: Refund and cancelation policy

Virtual coins trading

Tradesilvania can block a transaction if something is considered to be suspect or the informations are fraudulous. If the address of the wallet used for the tranzaction is wrong, the traded value will be lost.

Anti Money Laundering Policy (AML)

Tradesilvania policy is to forbid and actively prevent money laundering or any other activity that facilitates money laundering or the funding of terrorist or criminal actions. We will comply with all applicable requirements and regulations.

Card payment

If you have added funds to your wallet using a card payment and the tranzaction is on standby at our payments processor, Tradesilvania can delay the FIAT or cryptocurrency withdrawal until the card payment is finalised. You can buy virtual currency with any credit/debit card that you own,as long as it is a Visa or a MasterCard with 3D Secure.

Tradesilvania does not collect or store your credit/debit card information. To make payments, the cardholder name must match the name as it appears on your Tradesilvania account. The use of third-party cards is strictly prohibited.


Tradesilvania does not take responsibility for the volatility of the market. For market-type orders which are carried put at the best market price, differences might appear amongst the volume/value shown when a tranzaction is initiated and the volume/value shown when the tranzation is processed. When you order a tranzaction you agree with the tranzaction conditions on Tradesilvania platform. You do not have the right to withdraw from a buy or sell crypto tranzaction after placing a market-type order. Tradesilvania does not take responsilibity if you place a limit-type order at a certain price and this drops below the market price.

Know your customer program (KYC)

We will collect enough information from an account-user customer, to allow customer's identification. These check-ups include identity-proof request through a government-issued identification document. It is possible that additional documents will be required in some instances. If a customer refuses to provide the requested info or appears to have provide flawed information, the administrator will deactivate the account

Cookies policy:

Tradesilvania uses cookies. Cookies is stored data on the user's hard, with info about the user. If the user refuses to accept the cookies, it can still use the app. Cookies help us to trace and divide our users' interests to a better customized experience for our website's guests

Tradesilvania does not take responsilibity for money loss caused by market volatility, forks/ blockchain mentainance or market conditions

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us on e-mail [email protected] or at chat.