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Why should I keep my coins in the Tradesilvania wallet?

If you choose to keep your coins in your Tradesilvania wallet, you avoid the fees from the blockchain network and also the fees from external platforms.

However, we recommend that you only keep the coins you trade more often, and if the investment is long-term, we recommend that you transfer the coins to wallets in which you own the private key.

It is also very important to make sure that you understand at a basic level how transfers and wallets work because if you make a transfer and the address is incorrect, the coins are lost. Therefore, before transferring the coins from the platform, we recommend that you make sure you have the necessary knowledge, as something sure can become anything but sure and you will lose the coins. Tradesilvania is not responsible if the coin transfer is made to the wrong network or to the wrong address.

As a customer, you are responsible for the security of the devices from which you access the Tradesilvania platform or your email account, password, etc. Tradesilvania cannot ensure that someone with bad intentions does not access your account through your device/computer or through your email account. For increased security, we recommend that you activate 2FA (https://tradesilvania.com/en/frequent-questions/en-my-account/how-do-i-activate-2fa)

The wallet in the application is a trading wallet. Each transaction that enters and leaves the wallet is monitored by an automatic system to check if the coins come from illegal activities, scams, etc. At any suspicion detected by the system, Tradesilvania will block your transfer to request information.

How does Tradesilvania keep the funds?

Digital coins are stored offline in a proportion of over 97%, and fiat funds are kept in bank accounts covered by guarantee funds or in institutions that keep the sums in segregated accounts.

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