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How do I create a new account?

  1. Depending on the device you are using to access the application, you will need to follow certain steps.

PC (computer): Click on the button in the top menu labeled "New Account"

Phone: Tap on the 3 lines in the top corner

After tapping on the 3 lines, select "New Account" from the menu

2.  Choose the type of new account you want, for an individual or a company

3. Next, you will need to fill out the form

Make sure the email address is entered correctly in order to receive the confirmation email.

Please ensure that all the information entered is correct and matches the identification document you will use to verify your identity.

In the "First Name" section, enter your first name exactly as it appears on your identification document, including any additional middle names.

In the "Last Name" section, enter your last name.

After filling out all the sections, click on the "Register" button.

4. After clicking the "Register" button, you should see the following message:

5. Open your email address and look for an email with the subject "Activate Account"

If the confirmation link has not been received in the inbox, please check the spam or junk folder.

To confirm the account, click on the "Confirm Account" button.

After clicking on the "Confirm Account" button, you should see the following message:

6.  Click on the "Authenticate" link and continue with the account activation process.

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