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How do I fund my account through Selfpay?

Funding through Selfpay payment stations is done in cash and it is instant. You can find the funding limits in the payment form in the Tradesilvania app.

When you are at the Selfpay Payment Station, select Other Services and Trade Crypto with Tradesilvania.

Then you will need to enter the funding code from your Tradesilvania account and the amount you wish to fund.

To retrieve the funding code or to scan the QR Code directly, go into the Tradesilvania app, from the top menu select Wallet, then select RON, the green button Fund, Selfpay (Cash deposit).

After depositing the funds, the amount funded will appear in your Tradesilvania trading account.

You can check the locations of Selfpay terminals in the whole country at this link: https://selfpay.ro/localizare/

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