Crypto services for companies in Europe

Professional trading platform for companies

Thank you for your interest of opening a trading account for your company. Tradesilvania offers quality services for private persons, companies or automated exchange for web apps and other crypto exchange platforms and trading platforms.

In 2019, the Tradesilvania team has introduced the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies, the possibility of selling and trading crypto by using a company account both for companies with trading and investments as the main activity and for companies that wish to broaden their investments portofolio without the implication of a third party.

We are a FineTech company that aims to offer modern digital solutions for buying cryptocurrency, coin exchange and innovative premium financial services based on blockchain technology. We are convinced that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will define the future of financial services in Europe and around the globe
With the help of a young, multidisciplinar competent and highly motivated team, we gather our efforts in order to provide premium financial services that are accessible for everybody, at advantageous costs.

Crypto transactions with minimum commission

We provide you with 16 digital coins and cryptocurrencies that you can trade on the exchange platform Tradesilvania

Safety without competition

The Tradesilvania platform is in the course of obtaining a PCI accreditation, to guarantee the highest tranzaction safety standards to our clients.

Quick registration and easy activation

The dedicated customer service team is available for any problem and technical or commercial support

Tradesilvania REST API

Tradesilvania API is a flexible interface, compatible with the most common programming languages. This API interface allows the integration of the Tradesilvania platform with any online app, regardless of the platform on which it was built.

See the Tradesilvania API documentation

In order to use the API app and methods, the user must have a valid account created in the Tradesilvania app.

Case studies for cryptocurrency trading on a company account.

Andrei is a company manager and owns a business consulting company. In December 2018, he decided to invest a part of his company’s profits in cryptocurrencies. He was able to easily do this by choosing a business investor account at Tradesilvania so he could invest directly both as a company and as a natural person. The direct advantage was the fact that the investments are considered company expenses until the company makes a return on investment and will pay taxes on this profit.
Adrian is partner in a classic investment companyr (stock trader) and his business customers often ask him to invest in quick-access cryptocurrency portfolios that can also offer them fast customer support in Romania. Tradesilvania offered them the business account which supports such types of investments in Romania.