Advanced system - system automated trading solutions

Through automatic access to the platform's functionalities, we offer you the possibility to develop financial-banking services and products without the need for a dedicated blockchain development team and the possibility of quickly adapting to a digital financial market through the partnership with Tradesilvania.

API interface

With an innovative software solution, constantly adapted to the latest technologies, we offer technical support that will allow you unlimited digital vertical development.

Through the automated programmable interface (API) we offer access to the functionalities and services of the Platform in an automatic and continuous way to all our partners in the financial field.

Who are we addressing?

Allows custom integration (white label) of trading services, custody, limit orders, unlimited liquidity for cryptocurrencies in any banking software solution, payment institutions, non-bank financial institutions, brokers, independent mobile applications, ATM networks cryptocurrency exchange.

In addition to trading and custody, Tradesilvania is a provider of blockchain infrastructure, blockchain nodes, blockchain validators, yeld, staking, etc.

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