Data policy

The purpose of "Privacy policy" is to inform you about your personal data storage, what data is required, and how we use it. Tradesilvania S.R.L. undertakes to protect and respect you confidentiality. Tradesilvania S.R.L. is registered as personal data operator, no. 34839, in the public register of ANSPDCP.

Beginning with the 25th of May 2018, Tradesilvania has adopted Regulation EU 2016/679, also known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or the General Data Protection Regulation

What happens if you don't provide the data?

Providing personal data at the moment of registration or while using the account is compulsory, otherwise you are not able to use our services

Type of personal data stored

Name, Surname, Social Security Number, Mail, Phone number, Address, Birthday, ID copy, bank account number

Data storage period

We store the data as long as you have an open account on the website. When you decide that you want to delete your account from the app, the data will be removed

The purpose of collecting personal data

  • for customising and imporving your personal experience
  • improving our website and services for our customers
  • providing information throught e-mail
  • billing

Perosnal data storage and protection

Tradesilvania does its best to protect your personal data against unauthorised access. Only the authorised employees of the company can access your personal data and they have the duty to respect the confidentiality obligations

Update and removal of personal data

You have the right to request the update and the lock-up of incorrect or inaccurate date, by sending an e-mail to the contact adress [email protected]

How do we share the personal data of our customers

We will not disclose your data to a third party in order to be used with marketing purposes or other commercial purposes, without your consent. However, it is possible to disclose your data to the following entities:

  • service providers, ex. contability company
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  • other parties with your consent

The rights of the people in cause and how to exert them (?)

The right to information and access- you may demand information regarding personal data processing actions
The right to rectification- you may rectify inaccurate personal date or you can fill the missing data at any moment
The right of data removal- you may request your data to be deleted, if the processing of data was not legal or does not follow legal procedures
The right to limit the processing of data- you are allowed to request restriction of data-processing if you contest the accuracy of the data, as well as other position designated by law
The right to objection- you can object to data-processing due to legal reasons regading your particular position
The right to data portability- you may receive, under certain conditions, the personal data that you provided or you may request that particular data to be transfered to another operator
The right of complaint- you are allowed to complain to National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing
The right of withdrawing your consent- if the data-processing is performed based on your consent, you are allowed to withdraw your consent at any time. The withdraw of consent will only face consequences in the future, while the data-processing performed before the withdraw will remain available
The right of not being subjected to an immediate decision, including the profile request- you are allowed to request and receive the human intervention regarding the a particular data-procesing of communicating your opinion and contesting the decision

Changes in this policy

All modifications which we will be effected in our privacy policy will be posted on this page and send to you on e-mail


If you have any questions or difficulty in understanding the way your personal data is being processed, or you want to exert your legat right regarding the data that we stored, you can contact us on e-mail [email protected]