Crypto Settlement

Tradesilvania Settlement is a modern real-time multilateral settlement and clearing solution.

The crypto settlement solution developed in the Tradesilvania Platform is an internal settlement interface, the application card, for large volumes of digital goods in FIAT / CRYPTO currency based on MultiThreading Matching Engine (MTME) that allows the integration of liquidity providers simultaneously and parallel transaction processing.

Settlements of digital assets between Tradesilvania - Client or Client - Tradesilvania are possible on most existing blockchain networks (ERC, Polygon, Avalache, BSC, etc.), thus reducing blockchain network commissions and transfer time.

Efficient and instant settlement

Through Tradesilvania you can trade safely, in a regulated and safe environment at the lowest commissions on the market. Transparent, volume-based costs without having to buy alternative tokens, spread margins, subscriptions or other additional services or products.

Customers can connect to Tradesilvania Settlement via the API or web interface. We are constantly developing new flexible integration solutions for our services.

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