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Through Tradesilvania Spotlight, discover the future of crypto in a new and exciting way.

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You have 3 new ways to interact with the crypto world through Tradesilvania Spotlight, each with its own benefits and advantages.

Spotlight Launchpad

Priority access for early adopters to projects with a reduced price before the launch of tokens on the main markets.

High potential gains and risks.

Spotlight Airdrops

You receive FREE additional cryptocurrencies in your digital wallet, simply. No cost, no hassle.

Earnings without associated risk.

Spotlight FlashSales

Buy your favorite coins at fixed prices and take advantage of exclusive trading opportunities. For short periods of time in your Spotlight account you will discover attractive projects at fixed prices.

Standard gains and risks associated with the crypto project.

You have exclusive access to the most innovative crypto projects through Spotlight Launchpad and Spotlight Airdrops.

Through Spotlight Flash Sale you have access to your favorite cryptocurrencies at a super discount and a FIXED price

All because you are a Tradesilvania user.

Are you ready to reserve your spot in the Spotlight?

Spotlight tickets give you exclusive access to launch events, sweepstakes with incredible prizes and innovative game-changing projects. It is the key that opens doors to remarkable financial opportunities and adrenaline-filled crypto adventures.

Choose the project you want to participate in in the Spotlight section of the Tradesilvania Platform.

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