Governance AML/KYC

One of our top priorities is to provide a secure way to buy, sell and store digital assets.

Tradesilvania has adopted internal multidepartmental procedures in accordance with Law 129/2019 on customer knowledge (KYC / KYB), prevention of money laundering and counter-terrorism, application of AMLD5 requirements at European level, voluntary adherence to the procedural requirements of the Wolfsberg Group and FATCA. was designed and developed to comply with local and international regulations.

With the new AMLD5 directive, which stipulates that platform operators trading cryptocurrencies and providers of wallets for cryptocurrencies are required to comply with stricter requirements for verifying customers and transactions in accordance with the law on preventing money laundering and combating terrorism, Tradesilvania has adopted this directive. from the beginning thus becoming fully compliant with the AMLD5 directive.

The development of a multidepartmental team for the implementation of the procedures required by law 129/2019 and the development within Tradesilvania of an innovative system of policies, procedures and norms in the field of cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain solutions, we are able to provide a legal framework for collaboration. with regulated financial entities - banks, payment institutions, electronic money issuers, non-banking financial institutions, investment brokers, crypto ATM networks, companies listed on the Stock Exchange, both in Romania and in the European Economic Area (EEA).

By adhering to the AMLD5 directive, by a hybrid team with extensive experience in banking and technology but also by adopting MPC technology for storing digital assets, Tradesilvania offers its customers services in the field of digital goods in a legal and solid framework.

If you are already a customer of the Tradesilvania platform, these changes and regulations are already applied to all customers and do not require any additional changes or actions.

The management of the Tradesilvania company directly assumes a direction of implementation, management and monitoring of the corporate governance of preventing and combating money laundering and terrorist financing.