Market orders

Buy or sell cryptocurrencies instantly at the current market rate

The market order implies launching a sale or purchase order, with fast execution at the best currenct market rate. This type of order focuses more on executing the tranzation and less on the execution price. The order is executed instantly at the closest price to the market one.

Buy or sell instantly

Add funds to your wallet

Add fiat (through on of the available methods) or crypto funds to your wallet

Buy or sell instantly

Add a market sale order of digital currency purchase. The order is executed instantly at the best rate on the market.

Your account has been registered

After executing the order, the repsective amount is credited in your account. You can cash out or continue trding with this amount.

Add price alerts to always keep up with crypto prices.

This feature offers the possibility to take full advantage of the cryptocurrency market volatility. If the price is the one you want, you can buy and sell digital coins instantly at market price through one of the payment methods available on the platform

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