Digital Wallet

Manage your funds anywhere, at any time

Tradesilvania provides clients with a digital wallet for digital currency storage, simplifying the platform use process.


Cold wallet
Private wallet keys are stored online
No fees
No fees are applied, regardless of the transaction type
Easy to use
Intuitive design with no intermediary steps.
Transaction history
History of all excuted operations
Accessible on your phone
Responsiveness design accessible from several devices.
2-step login
2-step Google login for enhanced security
The wallet supports several currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, TRX etc.
QR code scan
QR code scan to simplify the wallet fund addition process.
Fast transactions
Trading is done in real-time.

2-step login

Through the 2-step login you will ad an extra layer of account security. Wallet withdrawals will thus be impossible without the security code generated by the app. Activating this feature is done from your account's settings.

Use the Tradesilvania digital wallet

Crypto wallet
  • 1 Log into the application
  • 2 Choose a cryptocurrency
  • 3 Press the deposit button
  • 4 Copy the wallet adress or scan the QR code to deposit
  • 5 Press the withdrawal button
  • 6 Select the amount and wallet adress to send funds