Frequently Asked Questions

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The digital coins have not been credited to the wallet

Please make sure that the coins have been sent from the source and that your transaction has been written to the blockchain network and that the required number of confirmations from the blockchain network has been reached.

To check the deposit that has not been credited please send us an email at [email protected] with the following information/documents (please respond specifically to each requirement):

  • txId from the blockchain network,
  • the amount transferred,
  • the address from which the transfer was made,
  • a picture of your wallet where the amount and transactions can be seen (we do not accept pictures from explorer),
  • if it is a transfer of XRP or XLM please check if the MEMO/TAG was added correctly.

Tradesilvania is not responsible if a digital currency transfer is not automatically credited to the wallet (there may be multiple reasons why this has not been done). As long as the network and address are correct, the amount will be credited and not lost, even if the crediting was not done automatically by the application.

The wallet in the application is a trading wallet. Each transaction that enters and leaves the wallet is monitored by an automated system to check if the coins come from illegal activities, SCAMs, etc.

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