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Bitcoin cryptocurrency is available in the Tradesilvania platform for buying BTC / RON and BTC / EURO. You can buy Bitcoin instantly by credit card or cash and by IBAN bank transfer. Bitcoin has a market capitalization of 689266785314.04 € and ranks 1 in the world for cryptocurrencies and altcoins.

Bitcoin price LIVE

LIVE: 34889.84 EUR

24h: 498.924712 EUR (1.43%)

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price

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Financial information about Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin launch date 2008-11-01

Bitcoin price: 34889.84

Bitcoin rank: 1

Bitcoin 24h price variation: 1.43%

Bitcoin 7 days price variation: 1.47%

Bitcoin Market Cap: 689266785314.04

Bitcoin circulating supply : 19557962

Bitcoin max supply: 19557962

Bitcoin total volume: 20031280590.66 EUR

Bitcoin 24h volume variation: 11.2%

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Tradesilvania offers you a free Bitcoin wallet to safely store Bitcoin cryptocurrency, to store in crypto wallet Bitcoin or to transfer Bitcoin to another address or coldwallet. Read more

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