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NamePrice24h fluctuationMarket cap
Bitcoin (BTC)111481.958 RON2.31% 440.85B EURO
Ethereum (ETH)8753.702 RON2.86% 220.83B EURO
Tether (USDT)4.759 RON0.71% 66.46B EURO
USD Coin (USDC)4.759 RON0.71% 52.53B EURO
Binance Coin (BNB)1462.34 RON2.87% 48.79B EURO
Ripple (XRP)1.78 RON0.42% 18.19B EURO
Cardano (ADA)2.568 RON4.13% 18.01B EURO
Solana (SOL)197.055 RON4.69% 14.21B EURO
Dogecoin (DOGE)0.392 RON3.21% 10.74B EURO
Polkadot (DOT)40.173 RON4.46% 9.20B EURO
Terra (LUNA)0.034 RON99.32% 11.91B EURO
Shiba INU (SHIB)0 RON4.97% 8.35B EURO
Avalanche (AVAX)125.554 RON4.27% 7.40B EURO
Polygon (MATIC)4.29 RON4.18% 7.14B EURO
Dai (DAI)4.759 RON0.66% 7.08B EURO
TRON (TRX)0.329 RON2.04% 6.26B EURO
Uniswap (UNI)38.476 RON3.92% 5.93B EURO
Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)111431.639 RON2.34% 5.70B EURO
Litecoin (LTC)287.89 RON1.67% 4.22B EURO
Chainlink (LINK)38.771 RON4.73% 3.77B EURO
Cosmos (ATOM)54.135 RON1.63% 3.21B EURO
Stellar (XLM)0.575 RON1.49% 3.00B EURO
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)638.16 RON2.5% 2.53B EURO
Algorand (ALGO)1.635 RON3.52% 2.33B EURO
Filecoin (FIL)39.128 RON4.63% 2.12B EURO
Internet Computer (ICP)35.574 RON4.82% 1.88B EURO
ApeCoin (APE)28.866 RON2.84% 1.83B EURO
Decentraland (MANA)4.672 RON6.09% 1.79B EURO
The Sandbox (SAND)5.866 RON4.35% 1.69B EURO
Tezos (XTZ)9.024 RON1.32% 1.69B EURO
Hedera (HBAR)0.353 RON3.54% 1.55B EURO
EOS (EOS)7.385 RON16.34% 1.52B EURO
Aave (AAVE)499.985 RON3.03% 1.45B EURO
Axie Infinity (AXS)81.352 RON5.49% 1.41B EURO
Elrond eGLD (EGLD)278.262 RON4.23% 1.32B EURO
Chiliz (CHZ)1.04 RON2.99% 1.29B EURO
TrueUSD (TUSD)4.759 RON0.71% 1.19B EURO
Helium (HNT)36.735 RON5.2% 941.92M EURO
Maker (MKR)4514.207 RON3.86% 912.57M EURO
IOTA (MIOTA)1.557 RON4.27% 895.44M EURO
Fantom (FTM)1.683 RON4.58% 886.90M EURO
The Graph (GRT)0.595 RON5.11% 847.18M EURO
NEO (NEO)52.558 RON1.81% 766.62M EURO
PancakeSwap (CAKE)19.083 RON3.7% 633.19M EURO
Basic Attention Token (BAT)1.963 RON4.67% 608.32M EURO
Augur (REP)47.882 RON22.24% 108.91M EURO
PAX Gold (PAXG)8362.562 RON1.44% 587.39M EURO
Enjin Coin (ENJ)3.105 RON3.42% 575.82M EURO
Loopring (LRC)2.075 RON5.99% 570.16M EURO
Zilliqa (ZIL)0.208 RON4.62% 562.80M EURO
Dash (DASH)250.266 RON0.98% 562.44M EURO
0x (ZRX)8.26 RON5.02% 1.34B EURO
OmiseGO (OMG)51.954 RON4.81% 1.51B EURO
Golem (GNT)0.522 RON38% 106.73M EURO
Electroneum (ETN)0.034 RON1.66% 68.89M EURO
Paxos Standard Token (PAX)4.077 RON0.73% 768.64M EURO
Synthetix (SNX)20.297 RON27.42% 482.02M EURO
SushiSwap (SUSHI)52.582 RON2.69% 1.38B EURO
Compound (COMP)755.773 RON9.16% 988.33M EURO (YFI)134262.143 RON10.03% 1.02B EURO
Kusama (KSM)297.025 RON4.96% 520.23M EURO
Gala (GALA)0.261 RON1.46% 376.45M EURO

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