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#NamePrice24h fluctuationMarket cap
1 Bitcoin (BTC)28221.106 RON9.41% 107.66B EUROTrade
2 Ethereum (ETH)581.473 RON6.41% 13.38B EUROTrade
3 Ripple (XRP)0.753 RON4.94% 6.90B EUROTrade
4 Tether (USDT)4.359 RON1.06% 5.61B EUROTrade
5 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)968.492 RON7.37% 3.71B EUROTrade
6 Litecoin (LTC)170.134 RON4.78% 2.28B EUROTrade
7 EOS (EOS)9.808 RON5.94% 1.88B EUROTrade
8 Tezos (XTZ)6.973 RON7.23% 1.03B EURO
9 Stellar (XLM)0.177 RON6.34% 747.24M EUROTrade
10 Cardano (ADA)0.129 RON6.82% 707.58M EUROTrade
11 TRON (TRX)0.048 RON7.46% 699.69M EUROTrade
12 Chainlink (LINK)9.357 RON6.24% 682.79M EURO
13 USD Coin (USDC)4.35 RON2.15% 624.13M EURO
14 Dash (DASH)286.204 RON7.78% 561.80M EURO
15 NEO (NEO)28.914 RON7.03% 425.27M EURO
16 Paxos Standard Token (PAX)4.35 RON1.81% 217.63M EURO
17 Basic Attention Token (BAT)0.609 RON6.8% 183.63M EUROTrade
18 TrueUSD (TUSD)4.335 RON0.83% 123.31M EURO
19 Augur (REP)44.319 RON6.71% 101.66M EUROTrade
20 0x (ZRX)0.662 RON5.17% 89.82M EUROTrade
21 OmiseGO (OMG)2.259 RON9.33% 66.13M EUROTrade
22 Golem (GNT)0.35 RON10.2% 71.44M EUROTrade
23 Electroneum (ETN)0.029 RON1.14% 51.35M EURO

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