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60922.81 EUR (5.05% )
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Market cap

1.21T EUR

Circulating Supply

19.73M BTC

Max Supply

19.73M BTC

Bitcoin price graph for the last 24 hours show the price Bitcoin crypto token variation (BTC) on global spot market. Buy Bitcoin in your user account instantly with EUR at the best exchange rate.

Bitcoin price evolution (BTC) - 1 month

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Real time information about Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price (BTC) today growth with 5.05% and exchange rate 1 BTC = 60922.81 EUR. Bitcoin trading volume in the last 24 hours of 34.14B EUR. Bitcoin price variation in the last 24 hours was 5.05% and Bitcoin total market capitalization is 1.21T EUR. BTC price in EUR is updated in real time in Tradesilvania account.

BTC price history

Bitcoin price history table ( today , 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days ) with percent (%) growth BTC.

Bitcoin priceBTC exchange rateBTC volume
Today60621.22 EUR33.73B
1 day60215.9 EUR31.73B
7 days55961.46 EUR39.03B
30 days58542.16 EUR27.98B

The graphic of Bitcoin price for the past 24 hours represents the price variation of the Bitcoin (BTC) crypto currency on the global spot market. Buy now on the platform from your Bitcoin account with USD at the most advantageous exchange rate.

price bitcoin btc evolution

About Bitcoin Network and crypto currencies in 2023

We’re living, without any doubt, in the era of digital currencies. The crypto currencies have become a more and more important part of the global economy and have gained a great amount of attention during the past decade. They have brought a new dynamic on the market, by offering their participants innovative and diversified opportunities.

An active Bitcoin market has been created, with over 18.000.000 pieces, and 10.000.000 pieces are actively being traded. Bitcoin, created by Satoshi Nakamoto, offers a digital alternative to cash, allowing also safe and efficient transactions in the digital era.

The crypto currencies have gained the attention of millions of people from all over the world, by revolutionizing the trades and the financial market. They have completely changed the way in which we think about money and trading, by presenting a decentralized and digital alternative to traditional money. Unlike the traditional methods of cash trading, virtual money works on decentralized networks called block, by ensuring the transparency, the safety and the transactions without any intermediaries needed.

price bitcoin btc evolution

Crypto currencies 2023

In 2023, the crypto currencies are still important on the financial market. Bitcoin, created under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009, has a great market capitalization, which consolidates its reputation on the market. Since its beginnings, thousands of new currencies have appeared on the market. They have revolutionized the financial market, opening new opportunities for trading and investing for the new participants. Today, millions of people can explore new monetary possibilities on the market. The currencies that continue to win popularity in 2023 are Ethereum (ETC), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).

The crypto currencies have revolutionized the transactions, offering faster and more rentable alternatives to the traditional market systems. They offer a digital alternative to traditional money, offering us a new era of trading. The crypto currencies facilitate a global circulation of the financial value through their decentralized network and through the peer-to-peer trading. This allows international trading without any interruption and a more efficient one. This can make the global commence more efficient.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology 2023

The Bitcoin currency continues being the most known and adopted digital currency. With a great trade volume, it continues to be a crypto currency very active and traded on a large scale on the global market. It has imposed itself as a valued deposit and a digital payment method. Bitcoin allows peer-to-peer transactions, allowing people to change its value instantly, without any intermediary needed, such as in the case of the bank transfer.

price bitcoin btc evolution

The base technology of Bitcoin, the blockchain, continues to evolve. This is great news for crypto enthusiasts. We can look forward to regulatory actions that want to offer more transparency and the rise of consumer protection. The Bitcoin miners play a crucial role in the validation of the trades. The decentralized Bitcoin network is based on these miners in order to maintain the security of the market. This technology is used to register and validate the transactions in a decentralized and transparent register. Sell BTC with ease using Tradesilvania, and withdraw the money in your bank account. Check out the details of the fiat currency.

Bitcoin today general review - Bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin, with its significant market capitalization, continues to be a dominant force on the crypto currency market. They are rare and that makes them so valuable. Bitcoin has become a popular investment in the whole world because of its high rentability potential.

Moreover, the potential of blockchain technology is far more than just Bitcoin. Its decentralized nature and its transparency have started innovations in industries such as supply chain management, healthcare, voting systems and more. These progresses will probably have a great impact on the different areas of society and economy, unlocking new possibilities and applications far beyond the trading systems.

In 2023, this technology will play a more and more important role. The Web3 technology started spreading among people and enterprises.

As it continues to evolve, we can expect a larger integration of this transforming technology in different areas.

The biggest Bitcoin price was on 14 April 2021, with 51,032.00 GPB, and the smallest Bitcoin price was 0.05 GPB, when Bitcoin started being traded in 2010.

Historical Price Bitcoin BTC - Bitcoin blockchain overview

Due to the technological development from the past years, money can be digital assets that are traded online, faster than the traditional methods. One of these decentralized methods is the Bitcoin BTC system. Bitcoin is the most known crypto currency and continues to generate attention from the investors in 2023. However, before investing in Bitcoin, you have to analyze the factors that can influence the price of Bitcoin and the volatility of the digital active BTC. For more information about the origin, usage and Bitcoin advantages, you can access the page ‘About Bitcoin’.

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Fluctuations of Bitcoin BTC price

Just like in the case of traditional investing, you have to make a general overview about the possible losses or profits of the Bitcoin fluctuations. In order to discuss the Bitcoin price, we have to mention that the price is the monetary cost of a Bitcoin. At the same time, you have to know that the demand for Bitcoin BTC is a more and more important factor, because the currency is traded even outside normal stock exchange hours. With a general overview of the crypto currency, the crypto investors may trade in a profitable way and take advantage of the Bitcoin price fluctuations.

What determines the Bitcoin price BTC fluctuations?

The Bitcoin price BTC fluctuations are influenced by a number of factors:

Demand and offer Bitcoin

Taking into consideration the traditional economic concepts, if the demand is high, the Bitcoin price will increase. However, if the demand is low, the demand of the crypto currency will decrease. The demand is influenced by a variety of factors, such as the attention from the press, the global economy and the financial laws.

Bitcoin has been made in such a way that there is a limited amount of pieces in the market. This Bitcoin protocol corresponds to the price rise, because the offer of the cryptocurrency is low. This fluctuation results from the traditional economic concept which dictates that when the demand is higher than the offer, the price increases.

The popularity and the media attention for Bitcoin

The popularity of the Bitcoin currency is a huge factor that influences the BTC Bitcoin price. With a maximum amount of 21 million Bitcoin pieces that exist, the attention for BTC currency is growing. This is great news for the Bitcoin users. The simple curiosity about the crypto currencies leads to high investitions, which affects the market price. At the same time, the Bitcoin price is influenced by the announcements by the state authorities and by the companies from the domain. Because of this, the situation of FOMO may appear (fear of missing out), which is represented by the fear of the investors of missing out the moment of entering the market. To avoid the FOMO feeling, the investors have to get to know more about the real factors that determine the Bitcoin price.

The economy of the crypto currencies

The economical risks of the states is another aspect that can lead to the increase of the Bitcoin price. In the countries with a high inflation rate, people look for new methods to protect their money, which can influence the value and the Bitcoin's price and the crypto market.

The blockchain competition and other coins

Paradoxically, another important factor that determines the fluctuation of Bitcoin price is the competition that the principal crypto currency has from the alternative crypto currencies. The popularity of the alternative crypto currencies, such as Ethereum (ETC), represents a high interest rate for the digital assets, which facilitates Bitcoin. Because it is the most popular currency, Bitcoin is usually the first contact of the beginners of the market. You can buy this crypto currency with a credit or debit card, depending on the platform you use.

The cost of Bitcoin mining - How does Bitcoin work?

The cost of mining Bitcoin BTC is an important factor for each crypto currency and in particular for the Bitcoin price. To create new Bitcoins, the network uses the algorithm Proof of Work, which allows the validation of the transactions in the Bitcoin network. In what concerns BTC, the mining cost is approximately an amount of the direct infrastructure and electricity costs associated with Bitcoin mining. At the same time, the Bitcoin algorithms represent a significant factor that influences the Bitcoin price. Their difficulty level (proof of work) can speed or slow down the production ratio of Bitcoin, which can affect its global offer and its price.

Bitcoin Price - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the biggest Bitcoin price in EUR?

The biggest Bitcoin price has been registered in 2021 and it was 59543 EUR.

How can I buy Bitcoin at the best price?

The fastest and best way to buy Bitcoin is the platform at the live Bitcoin price shown in the user account Tradesilvania 24/7. Bitcoin has a 24 hour trading volume. You can also sell Bitcoin on Tradesivania and the transaction fees are really low for your digital wallet.

Which is today's Bitcoin price?

The Bitcoin cash price changes from second to second in the platform and the instant price is available in the user account. The buying amount limit (Order type Limit BTC is 1.000.000 EUR / transaction). The most used currency for Bitcoin is USD, but a lot of platforms use local currencies (GPB, EUR).

Knowing the causes that influence the Bitcoin cash price facilitates the understanding of the price fluctuations for the crypto currencies. If you evaluate each economic factor and you want to invest in Bitcoin, create your account on Tradesilvania and trade in a fast and safe way.

How much will Bitcoin cost in the future?

According to the experts in the Bitcoin price predictions, the value of this digital currency may be up to 609.000 USD in 2025. And its maximum could become 646.000 USD. Taking into account the continuous evolution of the blockchain technology, its price may increase even more in time. Get started with crypto assets and with buying Bitcoin right away!

How safe is Tradesilvania?

Tradesilvania platform puts a strong emphasis on the security of trading, according priority to the data protection and the digital assets of its users. The platform respects the regulatory standards to maintain a safe environment for all the users. The Tradesilvania team offers support 24/7 to their clients, by ensuring a perfect experience and by answering any questions regarding your digital money.

Why is the Bitcoin price BTC different?

The BTC Bitcoin price may vary from platform to platform and because of the market, but also because of the demand and offer, the volume of transactions, geographical locations and applied taxes. It is important to use a safe platform and know these factors when you trade Bitcoin.

How to trade Bitcoin in a safe environment?

If you are new in the world of crypto currencies, it is essential for you to be very careful to the security of your trades when you choose a stock market. Choose well established platforms, which have good security, including verifying identity procedures. is a platform which you can trust for buying, selling and stocking your crypto currencies safely. It offers a safe and good environment, making the transaction process fast and easy.

As the crypto mining and crypto markets keep developing, it is a good idea to start trading.

Why choose Tradesilvania?

Tradesilvania is a trading platform with a friendly interface and it is simple and easy to use. This platform is chosen to trade on even by beginners, but also by experienced users, by making the trading process intuitive and efficient. You can easily buy and sell Bitcoin et a great price. It puts a strong emphasis on the security of the accounts and digital assets and the platform has solid measures in what concerns the personal information and the digital assets.

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