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Bitcoin is the first and main decentralized digital currency, created in 2009 that had a major impact on the world of finance and technology.
It works independently of banks or governments and is considered by many to be a future alternative to traditional currencies, being a truly decentralized blockchain network.

Bitcoin blockchain applications

The utility of a cryptocurrency is most often the most important element in its price evolution. In the case of Bitcoin (BTC), the applications are multiple:

  • The national currency in El Salvador,
  • Purchase of goods and services in more and more stores that accept this payment method (Microsoft, Starbucks, Etsy, Home Depot, AT&T, Tesla and KFC for a period of time in the past, etc.)
  • It is used in the donation process for associations and foundations, including in Romania, for example SOS Satele Copiilor or Narada, both through the implementation of the Tradesilvania solution,
  • It can be used as a method of feeding other wallets and financial applications (Paypal for example), or online platforms, including gaming.
  • Fast international payments and low fees, inspiration for technical electoral systems (similar to Bitcoin technology)

Other possible future applications of BTC would be:

Identity verification
Any industry or court (centralized or decentralized) that requires identity verification could benefit from Blockchain-based authentication. Through this process, users' personal data can be stored in a simple and efficient way. It could also reduce legal costs and other expenses incurred due to identity theft. The fields that would benefit from blockchain applications in identity verification include: insurance, real estate, health, etc.

The electoral process
The introduction of voting based on Blockchain would facilitate the voting of those who are far from the area where they reside. Their vote, expressed anywhere, under legal conditions, would be counted in the area where they reside. In addition, through Blockchain, the vote counting commission and other bureaucratic details would disappear. It is a technology that would create an accessible, secure and optimized process for any electoral system in the world. A good example of the use of blockchain technology in the electoral process is given by Romania itself in 2021 .

Food safety
Today, there is a global campaign against chemical fertilizers, genetically modified organisms and organizations that do not comply with food safety standards. Blockchain technology can be implemented to combat the risks associated with the violation of food safety protocols.

Through Blockchain, manufacturers, transporters, restaurants and large store chains can be connected to check safety parameters in an efficient, secure and transparent way. In this way, the efficiency of the logistics chain and food safety can be ensured. In addition, an industry connected by Blockchain can significantly reduce food waste.

Bitcoin Price (BTC)

Analyzing risks and profit potential are essential in any investment, including in the case of Bitcoin. The increase in demand for BTC cryptocurrency traded outside the stock market, offers the opportunity for investors to trade calculated and take advantage of its price fluctuations.

What determines Bitcoin price fluctuations?

BTC price fluctuations are influenced by several factors:

  • Demand and supply of BTC - Bitcoin cryptocurrency

In traditional economic concepts, if the demand is high, the price of BTC will increase and if the demand is low, the price of BTC will decrease. The demand for the BTC cryptocurrency is influenced by factors such as media attention, the state of the global economy and financial regulations. Additionally, especially in recent years, there is a strong correlation between the evolution of BTC and traditional financial markets.

  • Popularity and media attention for Bitcoin cryptocurrency

The popularity of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a major factor that influences its price, especially since BTC represents the base cryptocurrency of the entire crypto market. The entire crypto community is attentive to the news regarding BTC, so the entire crypto market is influenced by the attention and popularity of BTC.

Simple curiosity about cryptocurrencies leads to high investments, which affects the price of BTC in the market.

In general, the FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomenon can be created around the markets, which applied in the investment area, is represented by investors' fear of missing the moment of entering the market. To counter or avoid the FOMO effect on investment decisions, we recommend that you actively inform yourself and understand the real factors that can dictate the price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

  • BTC economy and ecosystem

The evolution of the classic financial markets as well as the economic risks of the states are aspects that can lead to the increase or decrease in the price of Bitcoin. Especially in moments of macroeconomic financial imbalance, and in countries with high inflation, investors and the population in general turn their attention to new methods of protecting money, a fact that can influence the value of cryptocurrencies, including the value of BTC.

Advantages of BTC cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Accessibility
One of the biggest advantages of BTC is that it is not limited by borders. Bitcoin cryptocurrency can be transferred to another user in a few minutes, regardless of borders. That is why it is used more and more often for the purchase of goods and services. The costs associated with transferring BTC are generally lower than those of ETH.

User anonymity and transparency of the Bitcoin network
Although not completely anonymous, Bitcoin users are identified by unique codes assigned to electronic wallets where cryptocurrencies can be safely stored. The Blockchain network ensures that transactions cannot be traced back to the user, despite the fact that the technology allows total transparency.

Even if the wallet address becomes public, a new address can be generated to keep the data safe. Compared to a classic currency system, in which personal data can suffer as a result of an information leak, in the Bitcoin ecosystem the privacy of users is protected by the Blockchain network.

Independence of the Bitcoin network
Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and is not regulated by a government or central bank. Independence offers users autonomy and control over money, because the price is not linked to government and monetary policies. In addition, a decentralized system is desirable in a world and an economy where the digital aspect is becoming dominant.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency history

Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a person or group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Initially, Bitcoin was only used by a small number of technology enthusiasts, but its popularity grew rapidly in the following years. In 2010, the first price of Bitcoin was established and the first transaction (P2P) with Bitcoin was made, for a pizza.

Currently, Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency, with a market value of USD 539 billion.

Bitcoin Price - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What blockchain does the BTC cryptocurrency use?
A native blockchain

How do I mine BTC cryptocurrency?
Bitcoin mining involves the use of specialized computer hardware to solve complex mathematical problems in order to validate and confirm transactions on the Bitcoin network.

What is the limit of units in the case of BTC cryptocurrency?
21 million

What is the highest Bitcoin price in EUR?
The highest Bitcoin (BTC) price was recorded at EUR 58,000.

How can I buy Bitcoin at the best price?
The fastest and most advantageous way to buy Bitcoin is on the platform at the live Bitcoin price displayed in the Tradesilvania user account 24/7.

What is the price of Bitcoin today?
The Bitcoin price varies several times per second in the platform and the instant price is available in the user account. Daily purchase limit (BTC Limit Order is 1,000,000 EUR / transaction).

How do I buy Bitcoin (BTC)?

You can buy Bitcoin (BTC) through multiple Tradesilvania order types using Lei, Euro or USDT.

  1. Create an account on the Tradesilvania platform simply in a few minutes
    The first step to use the platform is to create an account. After confirming the account, you must go through an activation process.
  2. RON or EURO deposit
    You can deposit RON or EURO in your digital wallet by Paying with Visa/Mastercard Card, Bank Transfer or cash at SelfPay, Un-doi Centru de Plati and StartPay points.
  3. Buy Bitcoin (BTC)
    To buy Bitcoin you must access the Trading section. After you place an order, in most cases it is completed instantly.
    Note: Bitcoin price varies over time.

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