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0.03011 EUR (8.58% )
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Market cap

845.61M EUR

Circulating Supply

27.80B GALA

Max Supply

29.83B GALA

Gala price graph for the last 24 hours show the price Gala crypto token variation (GALA) on global spot market. Buy Gala in your user account instantly with EUR at the best exchange rate.

Gala price evolution (GALA) - 1 month

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Real time information about Gala Price

Gala price (GALA) today growth with 8.58% and exchange rate 1 GALA = 0.03011 EUR. Gala trading volume in the last 24 hours of 193.48M EUR. Gala price variation in the last 24 hours was 8.58% and Gala total market capitalization is 845.61M EUR. GALA price in EUR is updated in real time in Tradesilvania account.

GALA price history

Gala price history table ( today , 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days ) with percent (%) growth GALA.

Gala priceGALA exchange rateGALA volume
Today0.02062 EUR41.05M
1 day0.02127 EUR35.20M
7 days0.01999 EUR26.84M
30 days0.02756 EUR68.05M

Gala (GALA) is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum (ETH) and is used by the blockchain gaming platform called Gala Games. It is a platform that aims to revolutionize the gaming industry, offering players more control through blockchain technology. The GALA cryptocurrency is used for in-game purchases on the Gala platform and to govern the Gala blockchain network, which runs through Ethereum smart contracts.

Gala Applications (GALA)

Transactions for games

GALA can be used as a means of exchange within the Gala Games platform. Players can use GALA to purchase in-game items such as cosmetic items, songs, etc. This application offers safe and fast transactions between players, without the need for intermediaries.


GALA can be used for governance within the Gala Games ecosystem. GALA holders can participate in the voting and decision-making processes related to the development and management of the platform. This mechanism allows the community to have a say in the future of the platform.


GALA can be used for staking, which involves keeping GALA in a wallet or smart contract to support network security and functionality. Participants can generate profit in GALA for their participation. Through this system, the blockchain network encourages users to own and use GALA, while supporting the stability and development of the blockchain.

Gala Price (GALA)

Analyzing risks and profit potential are essential in any investment, including in the case of the GALA price. The increase in demand for the GALA cryptocurrency, also traded outside the stock market, offers opportunities for investors to trade calculatedly and take advantage of the fluctuations in the price of the digital asset.

What determines Gala price fluctuations?

GALA price fluctuations are influenced by a number of factors:

  • Demand and supply of GALA - cryptocurrency Gala

In traditional economic concepts, if the demand is high, the GALA price will increase. Conversely, if the demand is low, the Gala price will decrease. The demand for GALA cryptocurrencies is influenced by factors such as media attention, the state of the global economy and financial regulations.

  • Popularity and media attention for the Gala cryptocurrency

The popularity of the Gala cryptocurrency is a major factor influencing the Gala price. The GALA community around the project can significantly influence the perception of the average consumer on the crypto project. Simple curiosity about cryptocurrencies leads to high investments, which affects the price of GALA in the market. At the same time, the price is influenced by announcements from state authorities and companies in the field.

In general, the FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomenon can be created around the markets, which applied in the investment area, is represented by investors' fear of missing the moment of entering the market. To counter or avoid the FOMO effect on investment decisions, we recommend that you actively inform yourself and understand the real factors that can dictate the price of the Gala cryptocurrency .

  • The GALA economy and ecosystem

Economic risks and the evolution of the crypto market in general can have a direct impact on the price of GALA, so that internal and external forces are constantly exerted on the price of the cryptocurrency. The effects of macro developments, such as inflation, unemployment, the risk of recession, the evolution of stock exchanges, on the crypto ecosystem, can also have indirect effects on the GALA price.

From the level of the crypto market, the direct effects can be related to ETH, considering the connection with the Ethereum blockchain, BTC or other Alt-coins.

Additionally, multiple internal aspects of the GALA ecosystem can cause rapid increases or decreases in the price of the cryptocurrency. The evolution in the number of cryptocurrency users, its use in new ecosystems, games or digital goods markets (NFT for example), but also the listing on new exchanges or a strategic change of the development team, all can directly influence the price of the GALA token .

Advantages of Gala cryptocurrency

Utility in gaming

GALA is designed specifically for the video game industry. It is the native currency of the Gala Games platform, which allows the development and distribution of decentralized games.

The focus on gaming offers advantages such as seamless in-game transactions, community-based governance, and rewards for users who own GALA. The gaming industry is growing rapidly which can attract real benefits for the GALA token.

NFT integrations

Within the Gala Games, the GALA cryptocurrency can be used for trading with NFT (non-fungible tokens) digital goods. Both being decentralized technologies, the ownership transfer is real, fast and direct (without intermediaries).

Fast transactions and low costs

Fast transactions are due to the fact that the GALA network does not require intermediaries, a specific element of the crypto market. Gala Games differentiates itself from competing platforms by using the p.Network Bridge application to connect its tokens to BNB Chain. Thus, GALA tokens comply with the BEP-20 token standard, which reduces the costs associated with using or trading GALA on the Gala Games platform.

Gala history

The Gala Games project was founded in 2018 by Eric Schiermeyer (co-founder of the game company Zynga), Wright Thurston (experienced crypto miner) and Michael McCarthy (creative director of numerous games, including Farmville). Through the Gala Games initiative, the co-founders target a community of users who want to implement blockchain technology in the space of video games.

Gala Games is a platform that develops blockchain-based games, each of which gives players real ownership of in-game items through the use of NFT technology. The main idea behind the Gala Games project is to give players more control over the virtual experience.

Gala (GALA) - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What blockchain does the GALA cryptocurrency use?


How do I mine GALA cryptocurrency?

GALA cannot be undermined.

What is the limit of units in the case of the GALA cryptocurrency?

It has no unit limit.

What is the highest Gala price in EUR?

The highest Gala price (GALA) was recorded at EUR 0.66.

How can I buy Gala at the best price?

The fastest and most advantageous way to buy Gala is on the platform at the live Gala price displayed in the Tradesilvania user account 24/7.

What is the Gala price today?

The Gala price varies several times per second in the platform and the instant price is available in the user account. Daily purchase limit (GALA Limit order type is 1,000,000 EUR / transaction).

How do I buy Gala (GALA)?

You can buy Gala (GALA) through multiple Tradesilvania order types using Lei, Euro or USDT.

  1. Create an account on the Tradesilvania platform simply in a few minutes
    The first step to use the platform is to create an account. After confirming the account, you must go through an activation process.
  2. RON or EURO deposit
    You can deposit RON or EURO in your digital wallet by Paying with Visa/Mastercard Card, Bank Transfer or cash at SelfPay, Un-doi Payment Center and StartPay points.
  3. Buy Gala (GALA)
    To buy Gala you must access the Trading section. After you place an order, in most cases it is completed instantly. Note: The Gala price varies over time.

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