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0.4838 EUR (0.67% )
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Market cap

27.02B EUR

Circulating Supply

55.29B XRP

Max Supply

99.99B XRP

Ripple price graph for the last 24 hours show the price Ripple crypto token variation (XRP) on global spot market. Buy Ripple in your user account instantly with EUR at the best exchange rate.

Ripple price evolution (XRP) - 1 month

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Real time information about Ripple Price

Ripple price (XRP) today growth with -0.67% and exchange rate 1 XRP = 0.4838 EUR. Ripple trading volume in the last 24 hours of 1.03B EUR. Ripple price variation in the last 24 hours was -0.67% and Ripple total market capitalization is 27.02B EUR. XRP price in EUR is updated in real time in Tradesilvania account.

XRP price history

Ripple price history table ( today , 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days ) with percent (%) growth XRP.

Ripple priceXRP exchange rateXRP volume
Today0.4958 EUR1.03B
1 day0.4951 EUR1.02B
7 days0.4843 EUR551.90M
30 days0.4893 EUR1.41B

Launched in 2013, XRP is the native currency of XRP Ledger, which is a public and open-source blockchain designed to facilitate faster and cheaper payments. XRP stands out as a “fast and green” digital asset that has been built “to be the most practical cryptocurrency for financial services applications.”

Ripple stands out for a design that spares discussion about how blockchain technology is used and the use cases addressed. In addition, the project is different from most cryptocurrencies because it was created by a private company (for profit) with several physical locations around the world, including San Francisco, London, New York, Singapore, Mumbai, etc. Sao Paulo, Sydney etc., it serves more than 300 financial institutions in more than 40 countries.

Ripple cryptocurrency applications (XRP)

When a cryptocurrency has real applicability through a solid use-case applied in established industries or in the development of new industries, the chances of its long-term development may increase.

International payments

XRP is widely used for international payments. Traditionally, international payments can be expensive because of the need for intermediaries like banks. With XRP, payments can be made almost instantly and at a fraction of the cost. This is because XRP uses a decentralized ledger called XRP Ledger, which allows direct transfers between parties.

Many companies have already started using XRP for cross-border payments, including MoneyGram and American Express.

Micro payments

Micropayments are small payments made for low-cost goods and services, such as online content or in-game purchases. XRP is an ideal cryptocurrency for micropayments because it has very low transaction fees and fast transaction speed. This makes it possible for people to make small payments without having to bear high taxes.

For example, Coil platform uses XRP for micropayments to support creators who share their content on the web.

Ripple (XRP) price

Risk analysis and profit potential are essential in any investment, including in the case of Ripple. The increase in demand for this cryptocurrency traded and outside the stock market offers investors the opportunity to trade calculated and take advantage of price fluctuations in order to obtain an advantageous price for trading and buying XRP

What causes price fluctuations for the Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP)?

Ripple price fluctuations are influenced by a number of factors:

  • Supply and demand - Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP)

And in the case of cryptocurrencies, free market rules govern price, so the effect of supply and demand on price is real. In the case of XRP, the offer is limited to a number of units in circulation, similar to most crypto projects. Similarly, demand is influenced by the adoption of the cryptocurrency, the projects in which it is involved and the evolution of the industry in which it is applicable.

  • Popularitatea si atentia media pentru criptomoneda Ripple

The popularity and attention that Ripple generates can have a major impact on price, with the community being an important factor in the life of a crypto project. Sometimes, just being curious about a particular currency can attract major investments from investors. In the case of XRP, one element that is important to take into account is the multitude of applications in its own ecosystem, so any significant evolution or interconnection with the optimisation role can positively affect the opinion and interest of investors.

Simultaneously, the price of XRP is influenced by announcements from the state authorities and companies in the field.

The FOMO (fear of missing out) effect is real in the crypto market and for counteracting or avoiding it, we recommend that you actively inform yourself and try to constantly understand the real factors that can dictate the price of the Ripple cryptocurrency.
  • Ripple (XRP) ecosystem and state/world economy

The economic risks of states are another aspect that can lead to the rise in the price of the Ripple cryptocurrency. In high-inflation countries, people are turning their attention to new ways of protecting money, which can influence the value of cryptocurrencies, including XRP.

  • Integration and evolution of the project

The rate of cryptocurrency adoption in general influences price evolution and has a direct effect on the total capitalization of digital assets. The same concept applied to a currency (e.g., the adoption of the token/blockchain by a company) can generate for this important growth, thus having a higher yield compared to the market average or other projects in the crypto sphere.

Similarly, a positive project path and a constant evolution can bring positive effects both in the developed community and in the token price.

Ripple (XRP) Advantages

Each cryptocurrency has its strengths for which it should be considered at the time of its inclusion your investment portfolio. Elements such as trading speed, transfer costs, high adoption in other industries, roadmap, team and results are just a few of them.

Tranzactii rapide

XRP is designed to facilitate fast and efficient transactions. Unlike traditional payment systems that require intermediaries like banks, XRP transactions are processed directly in the XRP ledger. This means that transactions can be settled in just a few seconds, and transaction fees are much lower than traditional payment systems. This makes XRP an attractive option for international payments.


XRP is designed to be highly scalable. XRP Ledger can handle up to 1,500 transactions per second, which is much higher than many other cryptocurrencies. This makes it possible to process large volumes of transactions quickly and efficiently. This scalability is especially important for companies that need to process a large volume of transactions, such as payment processors.


XRP is one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies available today: It can be easily bought and sold on many cryptocurrency exchanges. This liquidity facilitates the use of XRP for payments and transfers because they can easily buy and sell XRP for fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies. This also makes it possible to use XRP for payments and transfers, as XRP easily changes to fiat or other cryptocurrencies when needed.

Ripple (XRP) history

Both XRP Ledger, the technology that enables the use of XRP, and Ripple, the company founded to promote and develop the XRP ecosystem, have undergone a number of changes over the years.

Ripple was founded in September 2012 as OpenCoin. The company changed its name to Ripple Labs in 2013, before establishing itself as Ripple in late 2015. XRP Ledger was also named Ripple Network and Ripple consensus Ledger (RCL) before being renamed to its current name.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, XRP does not have a single main developer or founding figure. However, there are a number of people who have been involved in the launch of his technology and ancillary business entities: Jed McCaleb (who founded Mt. Gox, the first successful Bitcoin exchange, and the crypto company called Stellar), fintech entrepreneur Chris Larsen and Stefan Thomas, a leading developer of open-source systems.

XRP Ledger technology has introduced a new way of operating transactions and the recording system, being suitable for regulated entities that must comply with strict laws on money transmission.

Unlike Bitcoin, which allows anyone to contribute computing power to validate transactions and secure the network, XRP Ledger only grants this power to approved participants.

Because nodes do not win the XRP cryptocurrency to maintain a correct version of the registry history, all of the existing XRP 100 billion were generated and distributed to individuals and companies at launch.

Ripple acts as the lead administrator in the financing and development of XRP Ledger technology and plays a key role in the development of the XRP ecosystem.

Ripple price - frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What blockchain does Ripple use?
Native XRP Ledger technology.

How do I mine the Ripple cryptocurrency?
All XRP units were issued at the beginning of the project.

What is the unit limit for XRP cryptocurrency?
100 billion units.

What is the highest price reached by Ripple in EUR?
The highest Ripple price was registered at EUR 2.7.

How can I buy Ripple at the best price?

The fastest and most advantageous way to buy Ripple is on the platform at the price Ripple (XRP) live displayed in the user account Tradesilvania 24/7.

What is the Ripple price today?

The Ripple price varies several times per second in the platform and the instant price is available in the user account. Daily purchase limit (XRP limit order is 1,000,000 EUR/transaction).

Cunoasterea cauzelor care influenteaza pretul criptomonedei Ripple (XRP) faciliteaza intelegerea fluctuatiilor. Daca ai evaluat fiecare factor si vrei sa investesti in Ripple (XRP), creeaza-ti cont pe Tradesilvania si tranzactioneaza intr-un mod rapid si sigur.

How do I buy Ripple (XRP)?

You can buy Ripple (XRP) through multiple types of Tradesilvania orders using Lei, Euro or USDT.

1. Create an account on Tradesilvania platform simply in minutes
The first step to using the platform is to create an account. Once you confirm your account, you must go through an activation process.

2. Deposit RON or EURO
You can deposit RON or EURO in your digital wallet by bank transfer, payment by Visa/Mastercard card, or cash at SelfPay points or Un-doi Centrul de Plati.

3. Buy Ripple (XRP)
To buy Ripple you need to go to the Trading section of the app, the available bets are RON, EUR and USDT.
After you place an order, in most cases it is completed instantly.

Note: Ripple price varies over time.

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